Automation for Transport Networks - getting it right, first time, every time. 

Delivering services that require transport capabilities, at scale, involves the coordination of instructions and configuration information across a large pool of devices. 

Doing this for dynamic services, with instant, real-time deployment and orchestration to meet the new performance requirements of next generation services cannot be achieved with legacy solutions.

As a result, transport network automation is now a mandatory evolution to support service delivery.

In this paper, we explore challenges involved in enabling new, dynamic service delivery models, and show how automation can support and enable operator agility and ensure the efficient operation of these networks, for key use cases, such as:

• The introduction of new 5G cells and connectivity to the requisite transport network
• The dynamic creation of enterprise VPNs
• Network slicing
• Network migration programmes
• Troubleshooting for services across the access and transport networks



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