Elisa Polystar is bringing the best of breed automation and assurance technologies to CSPs’ networks. Finally network operation can be automated, with real-time insight to customer and service experience.


Fully automated network operations center

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Agile configurable network automation

End to End network monitoring with deep protocol drill down analytics

Agile data insights for network operators

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Workflow, Inventory and Network Control for Heterogeneous Networks DataOps

Cloud-native data management platform


As we belong to a mobile and fixed network operator, we always create, offer and deliver network solutions that give proven benefits for network operators and their customers.


Our automation journey started in 2010. Today, we combine deep insight in networks, automation, analytics and AI and increasing the network and service quality day-by-day.

Combine automation with customer insight

Put automation in the center of your organisation. Multiple teams benefit from network insights and automation. Our solutions improve network, service and customer insight across the organisation. We also alleviate routine network tasks, so experts get focus on the long-term customer experience objectives and high level network strategy.

Leverage the AI-power

Utilize the power of an AI-monitor in your networks. With the use of machine learning approaches, we highlight what is happening, where it is happening, and how it is affecting customers. With our solutions, CSPs can get rid of the network complexity and reduce mean-time-to-resolve for network faults and service incidents.

Ready for cloud

Deploy directly in public or private cloud. Our solutions are ready for virtual deployment, making it easier and faster to setup and get started. We scale effortlessly based on your network needs and requirements.

Build on world-class data

Leverage a world-class integration of data sources. Get real-time insight to customers, service and networks. We can tap network data, probes and 3rd party data sources for a complete view of your network. You can get an immediate and full understanding of your network end-to-end.


The future is here

EVP Service Assurance & CTO, Thomas Nilsson explains:

"We believe network operators deserve self-driven networks with uncompromised insight into the services. Despite the current complexity, it should be simple and quick to handle end-to-end multivendor networks. That is what we are improving, day-by-day."